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Resilience Programme Trailer 2022

This film is part of Cabbage's ongoing effort to experimentally and accessibly document our projects, allowing audiences that are unable to attend in person the option to experience each project we develop digitally, documenting both the physical and emotional 'stuff' of an exhibition. The film provides a snapshot of the six projects that made up Cabbage's Resilience Programme 2022. More information on each project can be read here and we will be sharing the full length film of each project here.


Cabbage’s Resilience Programme was established in 2020, in response to Covid-19’s impact on freelance creative practice. The programme supports a cohort of artists and curators over a 6 month period, each with tailored professional development opportunities and outcomes that are self directed by the artists. Cabbage prioritises slow conversation & creation, and it is the programme’s aim to give each participant the chance to pause and reflect on their practice, without the pressure of delivery or outcome.


Directed & Edited by Sean Patrick Campbell

Produced & Edited by Jenny Jane Tipton

Commissioned by Cabbage

With support from Strange Field & Creative Scotland

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