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A one night exhibition of films by London based artist Harriet Rickard at Queen's Park Railway Club, Glasgow.

Rickard’s film’s collage together absurd worlds, experienced from the hand held perspective of the artist. Music and song are a key element in Rickard’s practice, stitching glimpses of narrative before jolting you back to unsettling scenes with aural abruptness.

In the film People of the Town (2019), Rickard introduces us to the characters of her universe - from the carer, pilot and The Lady to the alien who sells us itching powder. From here we meet films like Barry and the Blowfish (2016), where we swim with the artist as she sings us her melancholic song about the blobfish that lives in her belly button. Like the screaming pigs in Muddafucka (2016), the moment of captivation in Rickard’s work is often found in the spaces between the narratives - like the dunking sound as the artist submerges herself under water once more or, as Rickard puts it, when Barry ‘leaks through the cracks, in the…belly button”.

A selection of films by the artist will be played on a continuous loop, allowing the works to be experienced in a relaxed screening environment. Many thanks to 
Queen’s Park Railway Club.

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