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Cabbage presents Junkspace: Tap for Sound, a screening event of moving image exploring the spaces inhabited by artists online, post-internet culture and the divergence of sound and image. The programme brings together a group of artists who communicate their practice through sound and the screen, occupying digital platforms with fictionalised personas and altered voices. A number of the works share the use of music, humour and the alter ego to communicate with the audience in the form of make-up tutorials, interviews, lip syncs and gag reels. The programmes structure of numerous short films (often by the same artist) is intended to provide the audience with an experience reminiscent to that of the YouTube recommended playlist, where related film content is generated and curated to a viewer via an algorithm. 


Located within digital non or "junk" spaces, several of the artists are captured as a single figure caught between a monochrome background and the camera lens. The artist is positioned central within the work, appearing in distorted fragments through characterisations, shifting appearance and voice. 




Featured work:

Renèe Helèna Browne

Elina Bry

Christian Noelle Charles

Erica Eyres

Paul Kindersley

Ruler of Hi Fashion



















Click here to download the full accompanying text for the event.


Cabbage would like to thank the Seamore Neighbourhood Cinema for their support.


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