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Artwork Tamara Macarthur, Design JJ Tipt

For International Women’s day, Cabbage descended on GoMA - Glasgow Museums for an afternoon of performance and film, featuring artists:

Christian Noelle Charles
Beatrice Gibson
Onyeka Igwe
Tamara Macarthur
Hunty Mayton
Nina Mdwaba
KT Pe Benito

Examining notions of dance and the body, the programme was developed following Cabbage and Glasgow artist Christian Noelle Charles’ summer extravaganza Love Hangover at David Dale Gallery. Presenting a trichotomy between contemporary art, performance and popular culture, dance resists the object orientated sphere of the art world that lends itself so well to commodification and instead highlights the objectification of the body as spectacle. The dancing body takes up space, demanding attention while receiving scrutiny from a critical or entertained eye.

This event combined live performance and artist moving image in Gallery 1 of GoMA, inviting viewers in to a relaxed and inclusive screening environment on a Sunday afternoon. The programme reflected on the political body and dance, and the context in which each practitioner makes their work. As with all Cabbage events, this programme prioritised underrepresented practitioners within contemporary art and attempted to represent the multitude of voices that define womxnhood.

this event was kindly supported by GoMA, many thanks especially to Martin Craig.

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