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Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down

When this film was first conceived there were two aims. Firstly, to provide documentation of the exhibition of the same name, allowing anyone who is unable to visit in person the opportunity to experience the show. And secondly, to test out and experiment with the essence of what documentation can be, allowing the innate storytelling ability of each of these artists to interweave with their physical works. We wanted to make an on-screen experience where the sense of physically being with a work and carried away by a work - that moment where you can feel the presence of an artist's spirit and are transported to their world - was created through a mixture of sound, walk through, and performance. The film was supported through Cabbage's Resilience Programme, and each contribution from the artists is a new work created specifically for this film.


In happy addition to this, the film also documents a day in June 2021 where after a year at home, the creative team spent time up ladders, on the floor, and climbing into costumes by the recycling bins outside Skypark in Glasgow. It was a joy to make and we hope you enjoy watching it.


The film can also be accessed via this link.


The Artists

Paul Kindersley

Liv Fontaine

Huhtamaki Wab



Tamara MacArthur 


Directed & Edited by
Sean Patrick Campbell


Produced and Edited by 

Jenny Jane Tipton


Assistant Camera

Morwenna Kearsley


Commissioned by



Funded by 

Creative Scotland via Cabbage's Resilience Programme


With thanks to

James Jimbo

Glasgow International


Photography by Eoin Carey

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