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Becoming Red: Elina Bry

"The journey of a strawberry Strawberries feel forever they say, what it’s like to be one today? It’s not easy being Red they say. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a strawberry. I think I’ve succeeded. Engaging with my own queerness in a body which is other, embracing the odd, the uncanny and the feeling of becoming other. The act of becoming Betty the Strawberry is the act of understanding my own queerness, understanding the issues Betty faces and what others see in them. It’s not easy being red, living life the colour of blood, it’s not easy being red it seems you don’t blend in with other ordinary things."


                                                                             Elina Bry


This film Is part of Cabbage's Resilience Programme and documents the Becoming Red solo exhibition that Bry launched in Glasgow in September 2022. The exhibition was curated by Cabbage and hosted by Strange Field at their French Street venue.


This film is part of Cabbage's ongoing effort to experimentally and accessibly document our projects, allowing audiences that are unable to attend in person the option to experience each project we develop digitally, documenting both the physical and emotional 'stuff' of an exhibition. You can read more about the exhibition here.


Directed & Edited by Sean Patrick Campbell

Produced & Edited by Jenny Jane Tipton

Featuring work and performance by Elina Bry

Commissioned by Cabbage

With support from Strange Field & Creative Scotland

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